Wednesday, March 18, 2009


On friday evenings of the past month, the shivering cold of LT 8 would be warmed up by the merry sounds of laughter, singing and dancing from the students in the Menyanyi (singing) group. This year, led by Ibu Elmida who gives them constant guidance and careful supervision, they have prepared 2 Indonesian pop songs for us, namely Ku Bahagia by Sherina, and PUSPA (PUtuskanlah Saja PAcar mu) by ST12.

Not only will these students be showcasing their newly acquired skills of singing Indonesian songs, they will also be giving their performance a hint of originality (that extra oomph!) by having their very own members play the violin and keyboard as an accompaniment for the slow song, Ku Bahagia.

In addition, they will be presenting a dance routine specially thought up by Menyanyi members Roman and Wei Ting for the fast number, PUSPA. Being in the same TA class as them, I've witnessed their enthusiasm and spontaneity as they break out suddenly into the chorus of the song and start revising their steps even while sitting in their seats. (yes, they do this in class! Ibu Indrianti can second this :P)

See how much fun they're having leading the group!

This is what some of the students in Menyanyi said when asked why they chose Menyanyi:

"This project (Menyanyi) is fun and interesting, and it's very relaxed."

"I chose singing because we get to learn new Indonesian songs and try to get a feel of the Indonesian culture through them."

"I like singing!"

These pop songs seem popular with the students and some of them feel that the exposure they get now will definitely spark off their interest in Indonesian pop in future. (But of course, it would be best if they can get the meaning of the lyrics!)

This group of students have made every effort in making their performance entertaining and original. They have expressed much creativity and enthusiasm for this project, which I'm sure the Ibus will be very proud of after seeing their final product on D-Day!

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