Friday, March 20, 2009


Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world, is home to hundreds of ethnic groups with diverse cultures and languages. The folk tales that come from this goldmine of rich heritage and culture have inspired the drama team to put up a short play about a handsome prince in search of his lady love... which he met at his Bahasa Indonesia class.

Talk about a good-looking pair.

The beautiful ladies taking a break.

Speaking of ladies...

The team, under the guidance of Ibu Indrianti, looked to be having tremendous fun while they prepared their costumes and rehearsed their skit.

Wearing the Sarong - Fail Not Easy.

The team also wanted to mix in a dance routine which had only just been choreographed, thus I got to learn their dance moves along with them as one of the members patiently taught everyone the steps. A few confused actors were instrumental in making the evening's rehearsals even more hilarious.

They decided to cut this part out because this is Bahasa Indonesia, not Soulja Boy.

"Okay, I'm lost."

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