Thursday, March 19, 2009


Janur is a form of decoration popular in Indonesia, where young coconut leaves are artfully used to create various kinds of decorations, symbolizing happiness and ringing in celebration.

The Janur team, led by Ibu Siantik, met dutifully on various evenings at AS4 to prepare and create decorations such as the ketupat, a traditional type of rice dumpling found in Indonesia. Using beautiful ribbons, instead of coconut leaves, the team tried their hand at measuring, cutting, weaving and folding, producing beautiful pieces of art that will be used to decorate the outside of LT8 on the 20th of March.

Yes I'd be that happy too if I could make such a nice ketupat.

The team also took out some time to create an eye-catching banner for our project, Aku Cinta Indonesia.

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